How to Write a Paper About a Play

The dramatic performance presents a dynamic literary work. This means that information, visual, and aesthetic factors are equally important. Academic writing can also become a challenging but exciting task. If you are an audience enjoying theatrical performances, you are also a critical analyst to evaluate the quality of the script. You want to summarize the plot of the drama, make a detailed analysis and evaluation of the drama performance, and also consider the standards of performance, guidance, stage background, and many more. If you are asked to write a paper about a play, the mentor should clearly indicate which type of play is needed. In this article, we will discuss how to write a paper about a play.

  • Analyze The Plot: Write A Short Script Summary.

Examine each character and its performance. Whether the performers’ body movements and gestures can accurately convey the characteristics of the characters, and whether their performance is faithful to the original script. You should evaluate stage design elements like costumes, actor makeup, lighting effects, sound effects, and soundtracks. You should also assess the Language used. Whether the actor’s expression of hints is clear, whether the audience can easily understand it, and whether the actor uses prose or poetry in language expression. You can also examine the views on the stage scene. Whether a suitable stage atmosphere has been created, and whether a clear time period and place have been set for performance. Examine the arrangement of the play and indicate whether the scenes are coherent and whether the plot of the play is complete.

  • Writing The Play

To write a play, in the beginning, the writer must have a tendency and love for theatrical art. One must have the desire to write the play. After that, he or she must observe the conditions of writing the play. They consist of three main elements: the story, plot, characters, and dialogue. Here, we will learn the method and steps of writing the play.

  • Steps To Write The Play

When writing the play, it is necessary to adhere to the elements of the play, and we will explain each of the elements of the play separately. In the beginning, we must have a story that we can convert into a play. Usually, not all stories can be converted into plays, especially those that take place in more than one area, unless the writer decides to reduce the multiple places to only two or three. Sometimes I do pay someone to write my paper, whenever I find it difficult to do so. However, while placing the order, I do make sure that the writer has the ability to convert the plot in the story into a plot of the play. This is essential to be able to define the boundaries of each chapter of the play and its scenes, as for expressions.

  • Dialogue

You should have the ability to compose the dialogue. Here, you must pay attention to many things, such as improving the reincarnation of various personalities and multiple patterns by thinking about their way and behaving as they appear in real life. Such as the role of the policeman, the farmer, the poet, or the artist. The personality should relate to a way of thinking, talking, and behaviors that differ from others. However, sometimes the writer must pay attention to the exceptions imposed by the text on him. On the other hand, the writer must have the ability to play the text and change it from intensity to flexibility and from sadness to happiness and so on.

  • Characters

The writer must specify the dimensions of each character in the play, in addition to the way it deals with events and its role in the theatrical work. So that all the characters reach a peak and then reach the end, just as the writer must not reduce the characters as he could, and not leave any character on the stage without a goal or dialogue. It is also preferable for the writer to mention the place of the exit and entry of all the characters on the stage during the performance of the play, as it facilitates the director and the actors a lot. Mention the most important psychological expressions that the actor recoils. State how they are performed. You may mention things such as when the policeman writes (emotionally) you are the criminal, so do not resist. Just submit yourself to justice. Finally, the writer must pay attention to the thrill and suspense in the text to attract the viewer to continue the play.

  • Writing Process

Do not forget to indicate the name of the director, the time of the show, the place of the show, and the name of the performance group. A brief overview of the script plot. Indicate the main thrust (revelation or theme) of the script. Put forward an argument. Focus on what has been shown or not shown to the audience in one or two scripts. Express personal opinions on what the director and costume designer is trying to achieve. Why do they design performance costumes, lighting effects, and sound effects like that? What thoughts or feelings do they want customers to get? Indicate whether the script deviates from the original in terms of plot. Emphasize what you think is the most important aspect of the script, and use arguments to support your point. If you notice the negligence of the script director or costume designer in your work, point it out boldly. Also, explain how to improve.


Remember, in the conclusion section, do not try to restate your arguments mechanically. Base your argument on why the response is important and effective. In the paper about the play, you must show your ability to analyze, evaluate, and think about the script you are watching. Do not cover everything (every change in the costume, every decision of the director, every action of the actor, among others.) Instead, focus on the most important aspects of your work. Now you know how to write this type of academic paper and what tips you must follow. You can understand the relationship between theory and practical skills by taking a closer look at the paper about the play.

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